Stuart Durland March 15, 2012 No Comments

Customers want the insurance agent that best relates with them personally and one who will commit to servicing their every requisite.

Most all agents receive the same training in their field so it is very challenging to set themselves apart from their opposition. The most obvious way to set these agents apart is by doing a comparison. Would you rather have an agent that fulfills your insurance needs, only or have an agent that not only fulfills your insurance demands but goes above and beyond by always being an accountable and reliable resource when needed.

I think everyone would pick choice number two as their agent of choosing. You want the agents that you can trust and respect. The ones who will surpass what you would normally expect out of them, and be there to help you even when it might be past their business hours. The best insurance agents will want to form a personal relationship with you so you know they are trustworthy. This includes, having 24 hour contact information, for if there was any case of emergency, to your agent exceeding past just their “job description” and contributing to their community. This will show that these people do care about everyone, and most importantly, they care about you as an individual. They will make it a personal goal for themselves to give you the best service possible.

It seems obvious doesn’t it? If you are getting any sort of wrong vibes from an agent then why would you put your insurance in their hands? You should be more inclined to do business with someone who is hard-working, responsible, and just an all-around good hearted person. This form of confidence in your agent will create a great friendship and you will know you have found the agent you can trust.