As a health-related profession, animal care is a high-stakes field. For owners, they see their pet as family and depend on your veterinary knowledge and expertise for their care.

It goes without saying – running your practice comes with a great deal of pressure, to go along with both unique risks and most of the common risks all business face, from property damage, to theft, to loss or breach of crucial files.

Veterinarian Insurance

How We Protect You

Providing You with the Purr-fect Blend of Coverage and Savings


At Seely & Durland, we have the expertise and resources to develop highly specific and comprehensive coverages to build a custom insurance plan aimed at minimizing losses and protecting your veterinary practice from every angle. In ensuring your coverages are both complete and cost-effective, we leave nothing to chance. Though our choice of preferred carriers, our offerings protect against risks faced by veterinary practices such as yours. These include common business insurance coverage elements, as well as specialized coverages for risks specific to your business practice. These include:

  • Animal Bailee
  • Pet Care Errors and Omissions
  • Professional License Defense
  • Animal Disposal
  • Cyber Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

With an independent agency like SDI, you get choices. Representing dozens of insurance companies, our professional staff can compare coverages and prices to find the best possible value for your specific circumstances. With others, you get one company that sells one brand of insurance. At Seely & Durland, we’ll work with you to understand your unique insurance needs and follow up with many fine insurance providers to deliver high-quality, affordable insurance options tailored to deliver the value and coverage you are seeking. We are committed to doing business face-to-face and being your advocate in times of need.  There is no consulting fee and no service fee. Our professional advice comes with the policy.

Your insurance agent should always be your advocate, keep your premiums low, and keep your practice safe. Get the personal attention and the customized coverage you and your business deserve. Your family of clients trusts you with their furry companions. Why not put your trust in an insurance agency that will go that extra mile for you and your clients?

We are your veterinarian practice insurance solutions provider and partner, serving Warwick, Greenwood Lake, Florida, Goshen, Pine Island, Middletown, Chester, Monroe, Newburgh, Orange County, and the Hudson Valley and Tri-State Area.

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