Michelle Dixon June 18, 2014 No Comments

Vacation… one of the best ways to relieve stress by letting loose and just having fun! However, a concern for many travelers is whether something will go wrong. Traveler’s insurance can help ease your mind! Here are the basic types of coverage provided with travel insurance:

Cancellations – You invest a great deal of money when planning a trip (plane tickets, hotel rooms, tour packages, etc…). If these expenses are non-refundable, you risk losing your money.

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage – Reimburses you for prepaid, non-refundable expenses such as sickness or injury, hurricane damage, terrorist incident, bankruptcy of your travel supplier, laid off from work or required to work, being called for jury duty, and other situations for cancelling.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage – Covers you for the same list of reasons as Trip Cancellation, but while you are on your vacation.

Evacuations – Unforeseen occurrences such as terrorist threats, illness or disease may break out in the area of vacationing that calls for an evacuation. Emergency Evacuation Coverage covers airlifts and medically equipped flights back home, and will often take you to a hospital if any sort of emergency evacuation occurs.

Medical Emergencies – Most people reason they already have existing health care insurance, so think they are covered for medical emergencies. The ONLY time this will always be true is when you are still in the United States. However, if you are traveling outside the U.S. you should speak with your independent insurance agent right away to be informed if your covered or not. Medical Expense Coverage covers an emergency medical, accidents, and dental care when you are traveling.

Delays or Loss while traveling – This will make sure all little items you travel with are covered.

  • Travel Delay Coverage – Reimburses for additional expenses if your flight is delayed (meal at an eatery).
  • Baggage Coverage – Reimburse personal belongings if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Baggage Delay Coverage – Offers money to buy necessary items (change of clothes, toiletry kit, etc…) until your delayed bags arrive.

Phone assistance 24/7 worldwide – This coverage will allow you to call for help when something happens. Just a few of the travel assistance services can help you are:

  1. Organize medical transportation / transportation home
  2. Replace prescriptions
  3. Lost baggage search / lost passport document assistance
  4. Emergency telephone interpretation

Other than these 5 basic coverage’s, travel insurance can cover: Life InsuranceRental Car CollisionHazardous Sports, and Identity Theft.

If something were to happen and you are obligated to return home, insurance will reimburse you for the losses you have acquired. As well as any added expenditures for a last-minute flight home, so it’s always smart to travel with insurance! Have a trip planned? Contact us today at 845-986-1177 so we can work to find the best coverage’s for you.