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ScenarioYou are out driving your boat for your annual summer trip on your favorite lake, when suddenly, rogue debris gets sucked up and caught in your engine, rendering it inoperable. What do you do?

Having some sort of mechanical issue out on a lake isn’t uncommon, and is likely to happen at some point in the life of a boat. On water boat towing has been seen to rise as high as $1,000, which is a financial burden for some. If you’re out on the water and you need a tow service, it may come as a relief to know you could be covered in this situation.

Boat Towing Insurance:

Boat towing insurance is for when ones’ trailer is damaged or if there happens to be a mechanical or electrical failure out on the water. Sometimes it is included, or it can be added by endorsement, onto a Boatowners policy, and is normally very reasonably priced (click here to learn more about boat insurance). There are two types of boat towing insurances that cover the two main instances you may require a boat tow:

  • Road towing – for when you are having boat-trailer issues, this will cover the cost of moving your boat on land to where it needs to go.
  • Water towing – for when you need a tow to shore, this will cover the cost of moving your boat in water.

You should be most concerned about towing on the water, since this will nearly always be a much greater financial burden than “dry”towing. Even though you may be a safe boater, this doesn’t mean you can put trust in those around you. What’s more for thought is the scenario where you’re navigating unfamiliar waters and not fully aware of shallow rocks and sandbars.

Seely & Durland is here when you need us

It is frustrating when your boat breaks down, so let us help make a difficult situation just a little bit better. We can explain your options for boat insurance and boat towing coverage. Call us today at 845-986-1177 or feel free to stop by during our business hours!