Stuart Durland April 17, 2012 No Comments

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) states there are about 475,000 total structures lost to all fires. The dangers of grilling result from burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, or lacerations. According to the United States Fire Administration, each year there are around 5,000 Americans injured because of charcoal and propane grill fires.

Nothing spoils a cookout quicker than an uncontrolled fire, so before you throw down the burgers and hot dogs on the grill read these safety tips!

  1. Never grill/barbecue in enclosed areas, as deadly carbon monoxide can be produced.
  2. Check connections between the tank and the fuel line.
  3. Keep flammable objects AWAY from grills.
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher close at hand.
  5. Use the grill’s starter button. If the starter is broken, use a long match or long lighter, ensuring your hands aren’t close enough to potentially be burnt.
  6. Never throw a match in a grill, particularly after the gas has been on three seconds.
  7. Don’t leave a grill unattended.
  8. Do not wear a loose clothing and wear shoes while grilling.
  9. Be careful when grilling food with high fat content, they can produce large flames.
  10. Dispose of hot coals properly by soaking them with water, then stirring to ensure that fire is extinguished.
  11. Clean the grill after each use.
  12. Remember to cover the grill to avoid to corrosion and rusting in both the controls and gas line.

Independent agents can appreciate a good cookout, but they would prefer not paying you a visit because you burnt your house down!