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Deer Jumping Onto RoadThe latest Farmers Insurance Seasonal Smarts Digest uses the last four years’ worth of auto claims data from roads around the country and in the Tri-State Area to highlight some of the most common hazards drivers face during the spring season.

Farmers’ claims data from 2013-2016 identified the three major trouble spots between March and May for drivers in the Hudson Valley and throughout the Tri-State Area to be:

  • Collision with animals (comprehensive): 27 percent (Watch out for those deer; they’re back!)
  • Rear-end accidents (collision): 22 percent
  • Hail (comprehensive): 14 percent

Meanwhile, the most common spring driving dangers nationally over the past four years include: hail, flash floods and rising water, and wind and tornado damage.

If you are surprised to discover hail making both the regional and national lists, you are not alone. Data uncovered a staggering 40 percent increase in hail claims nationally from 2013 to 2016.

While scientists have not been able to determine why, a greenish tint in the sky is oftentimes visible before and during hailstorms. To avoid and prevent damage Vehicle Damage from Hailstormsuch as windshield cracks and dents to the vehicle, drivers in the area and across the country can prepare for spring hailstorms by purchasing a hail blanket or specialized car cover. It is also important to use covered parking such as a garage or carport if possible. If caught in a hailstorm on the road, the next best thing is to park next to a building on the same side toward which the storm is moving to reduce damage.


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