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Receive an Item of Substantial Value this Holiday Season?

Did you receive a very nice gift this past holiday season? Maybe an expensive piece of jewelry, or perhaps you have added a new gun to your gun collection? You would want to insure these items for all risks, would you not? Generally, a homeowners policy covers most possessions within the home. However, valuable items […]

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10 Most Stolen Vehicles in the U.S.

As drivers, we face all sorts of risks and exposures: animals, road conditions, reckless drivers, distracted drivers, and even sheer bad luck. While some risks are easier to counteract than others, the very model car we own is itself a risk! A new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) identified the 10 most […]

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Secure the Safety of your Holiday Gifts

Did you receive or buy a very nice gift this holiday season? This may include an expensive piece of jewelry, technology, or perhaps you added a new gun to your gun collection. You would want to insure these items for all risks, would you not? In general, homeowners with an insurance policy will have their […]

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Ways to Best Protect Your Business from Theft

Has your business been a victim of theft? Hopefully this has not happened to you, or anyone you know for that matter. If it hasn’t, then you may wish to take the appropriate actions to ensure it does not! But if it has, don’t get robbed twice! Here are ways to best protect your business:

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Tips to Prevent Theft on College Campuses

Your son or daughter is heading back to college with lots of electronics to include an IPod, computer, TV, Xbox, Play station or WII, cell phones, and more.   Theft has become more common on college campus over the past few years, with over 50,000 property crimes reported annually, as well as more than 1,800 fires.   In Pennsylvania, the state police […]