Jonathan Geissler August 27, 2019 No Comments

Common Home Insurance Discounts Available to You

Discounts will always vary on the insurance carrier and state, but it is worth a shot at asking your independent insurance agent about the following home insurance discounts so you don’t miss out if they are available to you! Claims-free discount: As an insurance company, what would be your favorite kind of customer to insure? […]

Michelle Dixon September 6, 2013 No Comments

3 Ways Insurance Companies May Reward you for “Going-Green”

“Going green” or being green can save you money; not only through conserving energy and resources, but also through your insurance premiums! With advancements in cleaner technologies and more attention to the environment, some insurance companies are willing to thank you by lowering premiums for people who build green homes, drive less, or who own […]

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How to Boost Your Credit and Lower Insurance Rates!

Credit scores are used so lenders can predict how likely a borrower is to repay a loan and/or make payments on time. Where your credit lies will impact your insurance rates. gives the following on what is considered “good” and “bad” credit: Good credit score: 680 and Up Average credit score: 620 to 679 […]

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Saving Money Can Be Simple!

With the amount of price complaints today of spending money (taxes, insurance, gas prices, ect…) who wants to spend more money then they need too? There are easy, simple ways for you to save money and put some extra cash in your pocket. Independent agencies are working harder than ever to keep up with consumer needs so they stay happy and satisfied with […]