Jonathan Geissler February 14, 2022 No Comments

Save Money by Self-Insuring Small Auto Claims

With harsh weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures in the northeast, debris and gravel emanating from the road, and minor accidents and fender benders, windshield chips and breakage are extremely common. In fact, auto glass damage generates more insurance claims by far than any other vehicle-related claim. Electing auto glass coverage as part of one’s auto […]

Michelle Dixon October 5, 2013 No Comments

3 Ways to Lower Auto Insurance Premiums WITHOUT Sacrificing Coverage

  Purchasing “low-cost” auto insurance may save you money short term, but will it provide the “right” coverage in the event you need to use it, thereby costing you dearly in the long run?  In other words…peace of mind!  Low cost auto-insurance usually means you aren’t receiving adequate coverage in the event of a serious car incident. […]