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Going Out on the Water? Take Boating Precautions!

Bodies of water are the second most common scene for accidental deaths in the United States — after highways. Boaters must always be alert to floating debris, underwater rocks, and other boats or you could easily get yourself into a dangerous situation. Here are a few guidelines to follow to improve your safety while on […]

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How to Boost Your Credit and Lower Insurance Rates!

Credit scores are used so lenders can predict how likely a borrower is to repay a loan and/or make payments on time. Where your credit lies will impact your insurance rates. Freescore.com gives the following on what is considered “good” and “bad” credit: Good credit score: 680 and Up Average credit score: 620 to 679 […]

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Dangerous Storms, Everything You Need to Have/Know/Do!

As you have probably already heard, we are in the midst of hurricane season. There have been 85 recorded hurricanes in NY. Breaking it down by month there have been 4 hurricanes in June, 7 in July, 23 in August, 37 in September, and 14 in October. Whether it is a hurricane, thunderstorm, or any other natural […]

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Tailgating, “Stay Off My Bumper!”

When we say “tailgating” we are not talking about the tailgating where you enjoy food and drinks with friends right before a football game. Tailgating is when a driver rides up on the back end of another car in front of them too closely. According to research by the Highways’ Agency, tailgating is of the top […]