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People are becoming more and more comfortable, and in many cases, more reliant on smart home technology. Some advanced smart home offerings include:

  • Smart Home TechnologyActivation of “smart” alarms during set times of day
  • Energy management systems (automatically adjusting thermostats in real-time)
  • Locking and unlocking doors from a smart device
  • Turning on and off lights remotely or with motion detection sensors
  • Smart flood sensors or automated water control valves

The benefits of having a smart home system installed go well beyond the safety, convenience, and ingenuity. You can also receive significant home insurance discounts for installing smart home technology. Some insurers reward homeowners with smart technology by reducing their premiums, while others subsidize the cost of these devices or pay to install them.

From the perspective of insurance companies, smart home technology minimizes damage, reduces the risk of property damage and theft, and lowers the number of claims policyholders file. It also lowers the homeowner’s risk profile by detecting issues and making homes run more efficiently.

You might be wondering if do-it-yourself smart home systems available online or at your local home improvement store are worth a look. These basic solutions are more cost-effective, and you won’t need to worry about running new wires. However, these systems connect to your Wi-Fi, and your wireless system can suffer communication glitches if your Wi-Fi is finicky. If you are able and willing to pay a bit more, it would be wise to consider the systems and devices offered by professional home technology integrators. These systems will afford you better reliability, offer more flexibility to meet your specific lifestyle needs, and can manage tasks that DIY systems simply cannot handle.

With smart home systems, you can protect your family and property, enjoy that extra dose of convenience, and reduce home insurance rates.


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