Seely & Durland Insurance has been your bond resource for over 50 years. Bonds are a critical component within many businesses to protect the recipient against loss in the event a contract or obligation is not fulfilled. Our experienced staff is very familiar with the bonds listed and, in many cases, can turnaround a quote in less than 24 hours however some contractor bonds will take longer. Our major bond carriers are CNA Surety, Utica National, Selective, National Grange and Travelers.

Court bonds guarantee that the winning party in a case will receive their due payment and also serve to guarantee that custodians or guardians will properly manage finances of another individual. Following a death, executor or probate bonds are also used to protect an estate’s assets.

  • Appeal Bond – A bond required by a court prior to an appeal. Appeal bonds always require 100% collateral.
  • Guardianship Bond – guarantees that the legal guardian of a minor or an individual that is incapacitated will appropriately manage the individuals finances. This bond is also referred to as a Custodian Bond.
  • Probate Bond – Required by the court in order to ensure the executor of an estate properly distributes the assets as the deceased or incapacitated. This bond is sometimes referred to as Estate Bond, Executor Bond, and Fiduciary Bond.

Contract surety bonds are comprised of several bond types that cover a construction project from start to finish.

  • Bid Bond – A guarantee that the bonding company will provide a performance bond if the contractor is awarded the job.
  • Maintenance Bond – A contractor bond in force following a performance bond.
  • Payment Bond – Assures that the suppliers, laborers, and subcontractors will be paid if the contractor defaults.
  • Performance Bond – A contract bond to guarantee the completion of a project per the terms of the contract.
  • Site Improvement Bond – Required to ensure public property will be restored upon the completion of a private project, in which the principal owns the land.
  • Subdivision Bond – Local authorities require a guarantee that the landowner completes mandatory public improvements that builders & developers make to their property.
  • Supply Bond – Required by the project owner, state or federal law to secure payments to suppliers.

Contract Bond Submission Checklist

For bonds up to $500,000:
Contractor Questionnaire (Click to Download Questionnaire)

For bonds over $500,000:

  • CPA Prepared Fiscal Year-End Financial Statements of the Business for the last 3 Years
  • Current Personal Financial Statements of the Owners
  • Bank Letter of Reference (Indicating dollar amount of bank line, amount available and deposit balances)
  • Most recent Interim Financial Statement (In-house)
  • Schedule of Work-On-Hand Form
  • Personal indemnification of all officers and spouses

Fidelity bonds are a form of insurance protection that covers policyholders for losses that they incur as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals.

  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds guarantee that the bonded employee(s) will handle their employer’s money and property with fidelity. Small companies can be especially hard hit because they can’t afford extensive safeguards and do not have the financial capacity to absorb the losses.
  • Pension Trust (ERIA) Bonds – Pension Plans and profit sharing programs are managed by appointed individuals known as plan fiduciaries. The Pension Reform Act of 1974 states that the fiduciaries of a pension or profit sharing fund are required to post a bond for 10% of the amount of funds handled.
  • Blanket Bonds covers ALL EMPLOYEES of the named insured unless specifically excluded
  • Schedule Bonds are used in businesses where employees tend to have greater responsibilities combined with the handling of larger sums of money (real estate managers, bookkeepers, office managers)
  • Janitorial Services Bonds are specifically designed to provide protection for your client. They may have good luck and never have problems with a dishonest employee; but they will rest easier knowing they are covered.

For more information about our insurance bonds or to apply for an insurance bond please contact Tammy Artusa,, 800-562-2771 x308.

These bonds are most frequently required for business owners who must be bonded in order to legally operate under their state’s guidelines. Most business owners will require at least one bond in their possession to obtain a business license.

  • Auto Dealer Bond – A license and permit bond required by many states in order to operate as an auto dealer.
  • Collection Agency Bond – A bond to guarantee collection agencies operate within the rules and regulations set fourth by the governing body.
  • Contractor License Bond – Some states, as well as local governments may require a bond for a contractor to legally operate in a particular location.
  • Medicare Bond – A bond required of Medicare suppliers by the Federal government.
  • Health Club Bond – Required by some states for health clubs to collect payment up front from their clients.
  • Insurance Broker Bond – Some state insurance departments require a license bond to guarantee the performance of insurance brokers within their state.
  • Liquor Tax Bond – A bond to guarantee payment of taxes collected from the sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • Mortgage Broker Bond – Most states require mortgage broker to file a bond to with their license applications to ensure they operate per the states rules and regulations.
  • Mortgage Lender Bond – Most states require mortgage lenders (also known as mortgage bankers) to post a license bond to guarantee they operate per the terms of the state in which they operate.
  • Patient Trust Bond – This bond ensures the caretaker of a patient will not misuse the funds held in the patients’ trust.
  • Public Adjuster Bond – Also referred to as insurance adjuster bonds, they guarantee the work of public adjusters.
  • Public Official Bond – Public Official bonds are usually for the protection of the taxpayers money which they often handle.
  • Title Agency Bond – A license bond required of title agents by some states.
  • Utility Bond – A financial guarantee bond to ensure payment of utility bills in a prompt manner.
  • Wage and Welfare Bond are bonds required by local unions to guarantee payment of dues.
  • Miscellaneous Bond (not listed) – There are literally thousands of commercial bonds, many of which are too specific to fall under a particular category.

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