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Broken WindshieldWith harsh weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures in the northeast, debris and gravel emanating from the road, and minor accidents and fender benders, windshield chips and breakage are extremely common. In fact, auto glass damage generates more insurance claims by far than any other vehicle-related claim.

Electing auto glass coverage as part of one’s auto insurance plan is a shrewd decision. The same goes for roadside assistance coverage. But when and how often should you use it?

Think of your driver and insurance claim record as your credit score. Just like a missed payment will lower your score and punish you with higher interest rates, an active claim record can net you loftier insurance costs.

After filing a claim considered at-fault, you will likely see a surcharge added to your policy, increasing your premium. For most companies, one or two minor not-at-fault claims, like a deer loss or a glass or towing claim, do not typically generate a rate increase. However, the frequency and/or severity of those claims can result in premium increases and or sometimes even non-renewal.

Unfortunately, every incident, whether at fault or not, counts against you to some degree. Insurance is a business, after all.

So the question remains: what should you do if you notice the crack on your windshield begins spreading abruptly, or a branch above your driveway falls and fractures your glass. Maybe you lock your keys in the car, get a flat tire, break down on the ride of the road, or require jump start. You need a windshield replacement or roadside assistance to get back on the road. Should you file a claim with your insurance company to help cover the costs?

It would likely be a better option to self-insure these small claims if you are financially capable. In all probability, you will be saving money in the long-run.

In closing, we’d ask first — don’t shoot the messenger!

Secondly, and more importantly, never hesitate to give us a call at 845-986-1177 if you have any questions about filing a claim or how it might affect your insurance rate. Feel free to contact your trusted independent insurance agent directly and let us know your concerns. We understand a bombshell auto insurance rate increase is not something you would appreciate, and we are here to guide and advise you in making the best decision.

Keeping from our philosophy of “from our family to yours” through four generations, we are your advocates in times of need, committed to our mission of offering you the highest quality protection, advice, and service for all your insurance needs.


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