Stuart Durland April 2, 2012 No Comments

as the customer having your insurance payments reduced, but also the business because it will have you coming back for more information.

You might ask what an independent insurance agency has to offer to you if you were looking to save money. Well for starters how about some basics info on auto insurance that can help you save those extra bucks:

  • Take a defensive driving course – you will pay less for your car insurance and the discount is good for 3 years.
  • Drive Defensively – you want to do your best to keep your driving record clear! This will again make sure your insurance rates are low.
  • The good student discount – this is based on the principal that good students (generally 3.5 and higher) are more defensive drivers then those under the requirements, giving opportunity for discounts.
  • Home insurance combined with auto insurance  – agencies will give discounts if you have both home and auto insurance with the same carrier (discounts vary by insurance company).
  • Discounts for drivers 50yrs and up – there are auto policy discounts or premium reductions for those who reach requirements.
  • Consideration of highering your physical damage deductibles – depending on how safe of a driver you think you are, higher physical damage and collision deductibles will in turn lower insurance rates (avoid putting in small claims).

Discounts will always vary on your specific insurance provider, that’s why it is important to talk with your independent insurance agent. With your agent you can go over your auto history and help you to figure out ways to best utilize these money saving tips!