If you are like most plumber and HVAC contractors, you might assume that your general liability policy covers practically every third-party injury or property damage claim that comes your way.

However, the truth is that typical general liability policies always contain a pollution exclusion which excludes bodily injury or property damage arising from the release of a pollutant. That also means your general liability policy does not cover the costs of cleanup or remediation, often the most significant cost of a pollution event.

Pollution Liability

In insurance terms, a “pollutant” is defined as: an irritant or contaminant, whether in solid, liquid, or gaseous form, including smoke, vapor, soot, fumes, acids, chemicals, and waste. That means you are liable for paint fumes, mold, asbestos, bacteria, and more.

A minor site runoff after heavy rain can be just as damaging to your profits and reputation as a large environmental mishap. That is where contractors’ pollution liability insurance comes in — especially critical for HVAC and plumbing contractors, where mold is now a huge industry issue. We’ve seen claims emanating from work on oil burners or boilers, sometimes months or years later if a leak develops. Even if you had nothing at all to do with the reason for the leak, if a claimant decides to sue, you will want a liability policy to respond with at least defense costs, which can account to tens of thousands of dollars. This policy will provide:

  • Third-party coverage for bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Defense
  • Remediation / cleanup
  • And other related costs as a result of pollution conditions, whether sudden and accidental or gradual.

We have access to dozens of carriers that make it more affordable than ever to obtain this crucial coverage.

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