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Linda DeckerWorking a long time for the same company is highly unusual in today’s business world. And in an insurance industry?! It’s unheard of!  Seely & Durland honors Claims Manager, Linda Decker, for her 55 years of dedicated service to the firm.

Having spent her entire career with SDI, she took over the vital position of claims manager in 2007 and has since dedicated her time to handling all first and third-party claims.

When asked about Linda’s time with Seely and Durland, Managing partner, Garrett Durland mentioned, “It is hard to imagine a person celebrating 55 years with the same company, but indeed that is precisely what we have the pleasure of celebrating this January of 2023!! Linda Decker exemplifies loyal professionalism and dedication to the insurance industry, and she is one of the most pleasant, courteous, and respectful individuals I know. As our Claims Manager for the past 15 years, she goes out of her way every single day for our clients. She enjoys a claim satisfaction rating of 99%+!! I know we’re not going to get another 55 years out of her…but we’re extremely lucky for every day Linda continues here at Seely & Durland!”

Not only is Linda Decker loyal to Seely & Durland and the insurance industry, but she is also loyal to her colleagues. Managing partner Tammy Artusa stated, “I have had the pleasure of working with Linda for the last 30 years of her 55-year tenure here at Seely & Durland. Linda has always been a source of inspiration, professionalism, positivity, loyalty, kindness, and most of all friendship. I am very thankful for her friendship and dedication to Seely & Durland.”

Linda is committed to educating and helping our clients while making the claims process as stress-free as possible. The office would not be the same without her. Managing partner Stuart Durland tells us, “Linda is that special, dedicated, employee who joined a company a LONG time ago and stayed with them for practically her entire life. That speaks volumes for the type of person Linda is, not only for her commitment to that company, but also for the tremendous value Linda has for that organization. Linda is devoted to us, and we are very much steadfast to Linda. We appreciate all she has done for Seely & Durland both from a business perspective, and personally. She’s one of a kind that we hope has many years left to work for us!”

The Seely & Durland team is grateful every day for Linda’s kindness and her knowledge of the industry. We all congratulate Linda Decker on her honorable 55 years of service to the team!