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Benjamin Franklin once said: In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

But if you’re among the millions of Americans who own an insurance policy, you’re sure to face an increase in your premium at some point in your life too.

Premium increases are never fun. Working with your independent agency, however, can help ease the pain. Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients if their premium goes up, and how we handle these situations:

“Why did my premium increase?”

Whether you feel the increase is justified or not, we will perform a comprehensive review to identify the reasons for increase. More importantly, after reviewing your policy side by side with your prior renewal, we’ll look for potential ways to save.

“Can you lower my premium?”

There are usually ways to reduce a premium, but balancing value is just as crucial. While it’s our responsibility to get you the best value for the premium, we do everything in our power to identify if you qualify for additional discounts.

“Can I go with a different carrier?”

Ah, this is the big one…

There are times you will want to shop around, and that is the greatest benefit of an independent agency. With other agencies, you get one company that sells one brand of insurance. Representing dozens of insurance carriers, we have the luxury to match price and coverage for your specific needs. We are not beholden to any one company, meaning you don’t have to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change. You don’t need to do this alone, and you’re never locked into just one carrier. We are your partner through all of this. Your advocates in times of need, we want to keep cost as low as possible, while providing a wide range of coverages and carriers for the best protection. If a certain insurance company is the right choice one year, then circumstances change the next, we’ll find the right carrier that better fits your current needs.


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