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Craft Brewery ClaimsThe risks that craft brewers face can be as unique as the very beer the establishments brew. Some of the most common craft brewery insurance claims are related to secondary fermentation, a process that could lead to explosions if the beer is canned or bottled prematurely.

Fermentation vessels have proper ventilation allowing gases formed by fermentation to escape. If the beer is bottled or canned too early, fermentation can sometimes continue and gases can build up in the airtight containers, causing them to explode.

Other claims include liquor liability claims from breweries overserving patrons in their tasting rooms. Practicing alcohol-serving best practices and having servers participate in alcohol awareness training can help prevent these types of claims.

Here is a list of other claims that breweries need to watch out for, and, in many cases, ought to be insured against:

  • Frozen and exploding kegs inside the walk-in coolerBeer Conveyor
  • Kegs recalled due to over-carbonation, despite modern technology that regulates carbonation
  • Broken bottles during distribution
  • Broken or chipped bottle tops while opening
  • Mold under the bottle cap due to poor sealing
  • Contaminated beer as a result of unsanitary practices
  • Spoiled beer as a result of temperature changes or power outages
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Burns from the steam during the brewing process

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