As an Acrisure Agency Partner, we can provide consulting services to help CEOs avoid the 10%+ insurance carrier renewal rate increases by implementing RFPs and safety programs to help control costs.

Carrier Marketing and Negotiations

  • Identify and evaluate your goals, analyze and benchmark current program costs/coverage, and alternative funding, providing a Recommendation Summary.
  • Develop a request for proposal process through the current broker and/or alternative brokers.
  • Review and assess the quotation proposals received.
  • Make placement recommendations and review the policies received to ensure they align with binding instructions.

Risk ManagementRisk Analysis-Loss Control

  • Review and evaluate risk exposure.
  • Review existing safety programs, and outstanding recommendations.
  • Develop new safety programs, disaster recovery, and contingency plans.

Additional Cost Reduction Services

  • Review open claims and advocate for clients to minimize costs.
  • Perform due diligence for merger, acquisition, and sale situations
  • Review and assess health insurance coverage/cost/service

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