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  • Garrett and TammyYou receive instant service from a human being, not an automated recording. Independent insurance agents aren’t just some purchase button on a website, and we aren’t sitting in a giant call center thousands of miles away. As a trusted part of the community for four generations, our mission is to be your advisor for all your insurance needs. In the unfortunate event of a claim, your independent agent will not only help you understand what your policy covers, but also assist you in reporting the claim. Claims can be overwhelming, and if you require immediate assistance, we can and will help you.
  • Independent insurance agencies work to understand your personal situation. We know that insurance can be a difficult and confusing topic. An independent insurance agent works to ensure you fully understand your policies. This includes everything from what they do and do not cover, to the deductibles and limits you should carry. Independent agents are available during the entire policy period to help clarify coverages, make suggestions, and answer questions that come up.
  • You can take care of all your insurance needs at once. Independent agencies represent multiple insurance companies, meaning we have the luxury to best match price and coverage for your specific needs. Your agent can help you find the individual or group Flexibilitybenefit plan that will best suit you and keep cost as low as possible. Unlike single source insurance companies locked into only one carrier and promising cheap rates, we can provide you with a wide range of coverages and carriers to help you choose the best protection at the best price. We are not beholden to any one company, meaning you don’t have to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change. You don’t need to do this alone, because we are your partner through all of this. Your advocates in times of need, we want to keep costs as low as possible, while providing a wide range of coverages and carriers for the best protection. If a certain insurance company is right one year, then circumstances change the next, we’ll find the insurance program that best fits your needs.
  • Community comes first. Ultimately, as an independent insurance agency, we perform two very important functions.  The first, of course, is to ensure that clients are properly insured and receive the very best service possible. The second – more subtle – is the time spent by our staff giving back to our community in a notably selfless manner.  We are in awe of that Our Communitycommitment by our employees and owners alike.  And it’s not just a once or twice a year occurrence.  It’s throughout the year through sponsorships, involvement on boards and committees, and attending events to raise money for special causes. This isn’t boasting, but a realization that what makes Warwick (and hundreds of other small communities) such a wonderful place to live and work is that our employees care. We want to make our town better, and we want to help those in need. It’s effortless.

For more information, contact our insurance specialists at 845-986-1177. We are your business, home, auto, and life insurance solutions provider, partner, and adviser, serving Warwick, Greenwood Lake, Florida, Goshen, Pine Island, Middletown, Chester, Monroe, Newburgh, Orange County, and the Hudson Valley and Tri-State Area.

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  1. I love that you mention that you can get service from a human and not a recording when you go with a personal insurance agent! There is nothing more heartwarming than calling a company and actually getting a human on the other line of the phone. I think it helps in retaining clients as well.

  2. I like how you said that an independent insurance agency will be able to help you find the best plant that applies to you. Having a whole agency with the ability to look around and shop for prices for you would be really beneficial. Maybe my husband and I should think of looking up some agents to see if we could get a good deal on car insurance for our new vehicle.

  3. That is really great that independent agents are available during the entire policy period to help clarify coverages, make suggestions and answer any questions. My husband and I really need to get some insurance, but we have a lot of questions. I’m glad that an independent insurance agency would be able to help us. Thank you for the information!

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