Jonathan Geissler December 26, 2018 No Comments

1. What is your property value:
Make sure that your home is valued properly. Insurance is a lifeline to rebuild your property in case disaster strikes. If your home is not valued properly, then the extra cash needed to rebuild will be coming straight out of your savings. This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of insuring to value.

2. Have a home inventory in place:
This will allow you to show your insurance agent a list of all the things you lost in the event of a disaster so you can be properly reimbursed for those items. It’s very difficult to recall everything you’ve possessed, which is why a home inventory is so important!

3. If you run a home-based business:
If you are running any sort of business out of home, then be sure to inform your independent insurance agent! If your insurance provider has no knowledge of your side business and a loss occurs, only a minimal amount of coverage will be provided for business property. Purchasing a separate business policy or adding an endorsement to your homeowner’s insurance policy will best protect your business property in the event of a loss.

4. Think about whether you need flood insurance:
On any home insurance policy, flood coverage is excluded. Do you have a finished basement? Are you on or near a flood zone? If so, buying a separate flood insurance policy will protect you in the event of serious water damage.

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